Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Full Traceability

ServBlock helps Pharmaceutical companies guarantee quality assurance across the complete GxP Supply chain

Build a transparent supply chain through the seamless, secure sharing of real-time, actionable information across all parties.

Servblock provides flexible and scalable traceability software fully customisable to the needs of your organisation.
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Simplify and improve the full GxP supply chain with the latest innovations

Track raw materials to finished batches or components to assembled equipment through the entire production process. Record all necessary information as the product moves through the production steps through integration with existing production systems.

Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS) integration enables true information sharing and collaboration across Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) supply chains.
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Bioprocessing Equipment Traceability

Are you spending too much time managing the paperwork demands of your pharmaceutical clients?

Servblock reduces the Material traceability burden by 90% resulting in shorter lead times and happier customers.

Create Paperless Certificates in accordance with International Standards.

Material verification

By utilizing digital rulesets records are automatically checked for compliance to the electronic specification.

This digital first approach streamlines verification for materials of construction and eliminates knowledge silos.

Provide full visibility over production and ensure connectivity to all supply chain partners

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