Contract Manufacturing Compliance Management

As more and more companies choose to outsource their manufacturing projects - companies must evaluate the performance of its contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and determine whether it meets industry and regulatory standards.

Manage audit and compliance activities from a central command center that enables you to connect, collaborate, and drive measurable improvements with your supply chain partners.
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A solution for real time monitoring and auditing of the complete contract manufacturing lifecycle.

Our CMO collaboration platform allows for the cryptographically secure real time data sharing of manufacturing, quality, and compliance, financial and logistical data in one centralised hub.

Ensure contract manufacturers adhere to the same integrity, compliance, and quality operations as in-house manufacturing.

ServBlock allows for Data security, traceability, and trust between counterparties that current industrial complexes lack.

Reduce compliance risks and decrease disposition times through full and seamless integration with existing production, supply chain and laboratory systems. ServBlock presents the data to the sponsor company within the context of a role-based dashboard that can be configured to suit the needs of various manufacturing roles.

Allowing for continuous auditing of the process through a permission matrix and distributed ledger technology while ensuring every party to the audit has access only to the information required for their role.

Now you can have confidence in data generated by third parties!
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Your journey to complete supply chain compliance through actionable insights and data-driven collaboration.
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